Volunteer opportunities in South Africa

Elephant at Tembe Elepahant Park Tembe Elephant Park game reserve is home to the last natural population of elephants in KwaZulu Natal as well as a diverse population of animals, birds, butterflies and plants.

Tembe is looking for motivated and enthusiastic volunteers to assist with the ongoing projects that are vital to the conservation and development of the park.

Volunteer opportunities at Tembe Elephant Park:

By volunteering at Tembe Elephant Park you will have an amazing travel experience, gain an insight into the Zulu culture and make a positive contribution to a worthwhile project.

Projects Include:
Group of Elephants at watering hole

  • Filming and webcam monitoring

  • Involvement with local schools

  • Teaching staff English and computer skills

  • Hospitality and tourist information at the Lodge

Elephant drinking water

Your time in South Africa

Your time in South Africa will be spent working alongside the Tembe people, helping to secure their environment and economy. It is now critical that this park, like many others, expand to provide more land for the ever growing elephant herds.

Expansion of the park will not only benefit the animals within the reserve but also the local community with a view to increasing the number of jobs available.

Your work may be dictated by what is required at the time and work schedules and content can change from one day to the next. You should therefore be prepared to be adaptable and patient because conservation projects do not always work to time or a date calendar.

This project is based in a game reserve and so does not have any animals in camps, cages or captivity. It is not a 'hands on with animals' project. Animals are seen and enjoyed in their wild and free state and this is an opportunity to really experience the South Africa of the wild.

Have a look at Project #1 - www.elecam.org


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